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Dinda Putri


She tells that growing up is not easy

Not as easy as turning the palm of the hand

And she helps me to achieve my imagination


She understands my feelings

Because she had experienced it

She said, I have to climb the stairs one by one


She is someone I can talk to

Someone who can give me the best advice

Someone who always be my protective wings

And someone who can be my partner


She smells like vanilla ice cream

Her sound is shady like the waves of the beach

Her face is like the light of the earth


She always is here with me

Watch me grow up

My  home

My beloved mother

A Little Dog Named Piper

Edgar Allan Crow (anonymous submission)

Dogs are the best.

They’re always so unique in their own way

And can also be a little strange.

Like a cocker spaniel-poodle mix named Piper.

Who loves to bark at everyone she sees,

While she sits there and claims every tree

Her one blue eye sparks out to all

Like her rubbing her butt against the wall

She loves to run and play from couch to couch.

And enjoys attacking Cooper and play’s with his ears.

And walks precisely as if she was the queen of the house.

People may say that she’s the most annoying thing

But she is unique in every little way 

Castles of Sand

Edgar Allan Crow (anonymous submission)

the shovel and the pail combine sand, water,
and pebbles from the ocean.

the packing of the smooth, small hands of my
friend, have me wishing for

my own toys to play with on the beach.
i am sick of sharing with

people who care only about themselves,
rather than their impact on others.

the crashing of the waves against the shore
sends my mind wild. so, i sit

there, dreaming of being at home. alone,
rather than with those who hate me for being myself.

In The Arena

Edgar Allan Crow (anonymous submission)

The thundering of hooves

The smell of sweat

Dust from the sand flying everywhere

The variety of colors on horses

The timer ticking for each horse and rider

The crowd of people on the other end of the fence

The movement of flying around the arena

The intense stare between the cow and horse

Ropes flying around each cow's horns

The suspense of everyone wanting to know who was fastest

Judges judging every move that is made

Keeping the horses calm while riding down the alleyway


Exotic Rescue

Edgar Allan Crow (anonymous submission)

Snakes wrapped around lamp poles

Monkeys leaping from tree to tree

Lions sunning themselves in the gravel

The delusion, the desire with wild animals

Went to the wolves first

They came to him, laid down on the ground

Pets and kisses filled the pen

Was the best feeling in the world

Now the animals are gone

Ownership of exotic animals has been banned

In the open, giraffe's long lope

The lion's hypnotic canter

Elephants sucking water through their trunks

Spraying themselves til their hides glisten

Rhythm , a pulse, a roar of the land

Given up the beloved animals

Making the wild so fascinating

The animals live so peacefully

Roaming all the lands

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