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A Love Letter to New York City

Edgar Allan Crow (anonymous submission)

Dear city of restless nights and beautiful mornings

Even though we are miles apart

It feels like I can still hear the sounds of busy streets and construction equipment


Dear buildings covered with lights

Seemingly never dark, and as high as the sky

Skyscrapers peaking through the clouds,

Window washers hanging up high

The sight from any tall building shows just how much it's cool and thrilling


Dear breeze that flows through the city,

Like how a tsunami floods through a county 

Dear Central Park, dear Statue of Liberty

Dear 9/11 Memorial that brings all in memoriam 

I send this with love and remembrance of a city with great presence.

A Voice

Edgar Allan Crow (anonymous submission)


A voice. 

Started out as a whisper, turned into a scream. 

A voice. 

Made a quiet breeze, but it’s a choir of thunder and rain. 

A voice.

Living in a wasteland. 


Stop living next to me.

It is clear.

It is stronger. 


A voice. 

And for the ones who aren’t really free.

A voice. 

It’s killing what we need to hear. 

A voice. 

I see all the pain that our people are in. 





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