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How to Submit Your Work

Submission Guidelines


To understand if your work is right for The Crow’s Nest Press, please take the following things into consideration when submitting your piece.


  • We currently host creative work only. We’re looking for outstanding poetry, flash fiction, short fiction, and visual narrative. This means that we do not publish in the memoir, editorial, or non-fiction genres. Please save your true life stories for your communications class or another publishing venue.

  • We are hosted by Port Washington High School, so make sure that the content is school appropriate — no profanity, explicit content, gratuitous violence, or other stuff that would make readers feel disturbed or uncomfortable. (If you’re not sure whether your work is appropriate or not, we can discuss your submission on a case-by-case basis.)


  • We publish work up to five single-spaced pages in length, in 12-point font.

  • Submissions are accepted from Port Washington High School students and staff only.

  • If you would like to submit your work anonymously, please let us know! Otherwise, we will attribute your work by first and last name.

How to submit your work:


If your work fits the recommendations described above, please forward your submission via email to Mrs. Floading   ( Accepted formats include: 

Google Document

Word .doc, .docx


No .pdf files, please.


An editor will be in touch with you if there are recommended changes needed before your work is published. In the event that your work does not fit our publication, we are happy to provide brief feedback to help your writing grow! Please allow two to four weeks for a response from our editing team.

Ready to Get Published

Step 1.

Write something!

Step 2. 

Make it perfect!

Step 3.

Submit to The Crow's Nest Press!

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