What is a letterpress?

Crow's Nest Press is a letterpress studio printing handmade items using letterpress machinery. Every step in the letterpress printing method requires hands on participation from the printer. To print an item the printer must cut the paper, set the type by hand, mixes the ink by hand, sets up the machine and operates the press-feeding each sheet by hand. It's slow art using and preserving historical analog methods for print making. 


What do you make with a letterpress?

Crow's Nest Press creates unique printed items including; cards, notebooks, posters, stickers, business cards, coasters, invitations, announcements and limited edition art. 


Can I learn how to letterpress with no previous experience? 

Absolutely. Crow's Nest Press offers beginners classes, workshops and one to one instruction to teach you everything you need to know about getting started. 


If I'm experienced with letterpress can I use your studio for my own print jobs?

Yes. Contact the studio to set up a meeting to discuss your previous experience using letterpress machinery, demonstrate proficiency and to schedule rental studio time. 


I have letterpress experience, can I run a class or workshop at your studio?

Yes! Contact the studio to discuss your previous experience and workshop ideas. 


I'm an artist, do you work with artists on creative projects? 

Yes! Crow's Nest Press is committed to working with artists and collaborate for projects or assist you in producing your own print project. Contact the studio to set up a time to discuss. 


Where I can buy your products?

You can buy all the Crow's Nest Products on the website. 


Do you do custom print jobs?

Yes! Crow's Nest Press works with artists, organizations, businesses and individuals on custom print jobs. Contact the studio to get a quote for your print project. 


Where are you located? 

Crow's Nest Press is located in Clinton, Washington on beautiful Whidbey Island. The studio is located a few miles from the Clinton ferry dock on the south end of the island. 


Do you give tours of your letterpress? 

Crow's Nest Press schedules tours for press. Please contact the studio to set up a tour.